Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Greetings, from a lazy vegan blogger

Well, as you may have noticed, it has been months since my last posting. This is not due to lack of cooking or eating (the 3 gallons of Cabbage Pomegranate soup downstairs and my ever more restrictive waistband beg to differ), but because I am BUSY!

Since our last update, I left a 9-5 position to work in a local restaurant as a cook. But then, they didn't hire me as a cook. It's all good, though, because I became a waitress at the same restaurant and have started plotting with the sous chef to bring tasty vegan goodness to the daily soups and specials. Hell, he even ran a soup recipe I GAVE HIM today. There's nothing better than getting to watch your recipes coming back with cleaned plates.

I was looking up Natalie Portman's appearance on Top Chef tonight. She told the chefs that she was "vegetarian" and five minutes later, I saw what looked like a butter exodus occur in that kitchen. I was really icked out by the attitudes of many of the chefs toward vegetarian cooking (ie, "I WILL NEVER BE VEGETARIAN EVER") or the choices made by chefs (this has baffled other bloggers...a leek? as the main part of the dish? really?) and also (and maybe I'm a fatass) the portions of some of the dishes seemed...really skimpy. But yeah, I noticed it was vegan mofo. And that I all but missed it. And now I am sad.

I had a really fantastic food journey last week in NYC (got to hit up Angelica Kitchen, who still, in my mind have the best soup in all Manhattan, Gobo, Red Bamboo, Candle Cafe and the last remaining Zen Palate), I've been working on an array of soups (I want to write my own cookbook focused on my fav meal ever: LUNCH...and Lolo over at veganyumyum has really inspired me!), and lastly, I've been eating my fill at the newest vegan bakery that just opened here in town: Dharma Bakery. It's owned and operated by my former vegan cooking club-mate and college friend Dina Graves, a hari krishna and 2nd generation vegan bakery owner. She has been having weekly open houses to expand her line and let us mooches try to convince her to make stuff we want to eat (like RAINBOW COOKIES).

So yes, in the near future, be on the lookout. I'll be back up and running soon (I have several backlogged entries to finish as well) and when I am, you betta believe there's gonna be some good stuff, fresh new restaurant reviews, product reviews, recipes and dabblings.