Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Raw for lent days 12-13

Sunday, Day 12:

Got up and hit the teaching with a vengeance, bringing the other jar of that shake I made on like wednesday.  I know, but it was good healthy produce and I really ought to eat it!

Spent pretty much the whole gorgeous day inside.  On the upside, at least it's getting warmer.  I am going to try and order from the Triangle Raw Foods home service next week, we'll see how that turns out.  I'm also planning to go to the Triangle Raw Foods tasting in Raleigh on Wednesday, but don't have tickets yet, so hopefully I can still get on that train!

On the way home from school, I hit up whole foods and picked up produce for the week.  At home, I housed a broccoli and spinach salad with guacamole as dressing, then headed out to attempt to watch the oscars.  Apparently there was some sort of drama because they weren't on at the bar anymore, so I hung out for a while, then went home to complete the work.  Late night snack was a Hail Merry chocolate almond tart.  Like a sweet, sweet raw peanut butter cup.

Monday, Day 13:


I packed some campari tomatoes and hail merry macaroons for school (I am so overdoing the sweets but w/e).  Last day of classes is always a crapshoot, you never know whether you're going to be learning til the bitter end (Accounting & Entrepreneurship) or doing a nice easy wrap up (Digital Marketing).  I still have about 10,000 deliverables this week and am having trouble keeping it all straight.

When I got home at 10, I chopped up a bunch of celery and ate it with raw, sprouted almond butter which is delicious, then some sauer kraut

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Raw for Lent: Days 9-11

Thurdsay Day 9

 Hit the gym first thing in the morning, then failed to pack my pear for class.

At home, spun up some shakes (collards, kale, celery, tomato, carrot, parsley, lemon juice, Epic) which I then barely drank...so into the fridge they went. Instead, I had a raw revolution bar on the way to my evening leadership event, then at said event had two bananas and a platefull of raw summer squash and zucchini...(Sidebar, to the caterer at the conference center: who puts out a cruditee plate consisting solely of summer squash and zucchini?  Ever heard of carrots and celery?  They're cheap!)

After the leadership event, headed to Lucha Tigre for a Pride club event, where I had a grapefruit juice (oh, mocktails), and then headed home to work on a paper.  On the way, picked up some guacamole and salsa from Cosmic Cantina and ate them with some romaine for dinner.  Oh, and a Hail Merry meyer lemon tart for a late night, finished-my-paper treat.

Friday Day 10

First got up and weighed in, and again went to the gym.  Am also gearing up for this DietBet spin off of my live challenge...weigh in today put me almost back to where I was before I started getting crazy with the carbohydrate.

Went directly from the gym to a meeting on campus, with one of the shakes from yesterday, drank about half, then stopped at Bean Trader's in homestead to pick up some Triangle Raw Foods food.  Expensive, and the kelp noodles spilled all over everything, but they were worth it.  The raw burrito, though?  Not so much.  It was meh, I prefer the walnut sundried tomato pate I can make at home, and felt like it was a very nut-heavy meal.

That night, I went to work where it was not terribly busy, and my shift meal was a lovely salad complete with spinach, tomato, golden apples and avocado, with a little balsamic on top for good measure.  I totally dug into it before taking a picture, so apologies for the less-than-beautiful presentation, Sami, Tu esta Mi Amor!

Went home, started to do some work and then got cross-eyed tired and went to bed instead.

Saturday, Day 11

Early morning meeting.  I snacked on some Chocolate Hail Merry Macaroons on the way to the meeting at a coffeeshop (and man, they are pretty good, even as someone who doesn't love chocolate), and then went directly to band practice with a new band, where I attempted to wring a math rock song out of them.

Got out of the practice at about 6, then came home and opened up a honeydew and ate it like its skin was a bowl, because it is!  Did a little homework, snacked on cashews and walnuts, then went out to see a friend at Surf Club, which now has two new rooms and is PACKED which doesn't make me like it anymore than I did before.

Probably got home around midnight, ate some kraut and cashews (I feel like I'm hard on the cashews this year!) and then passed out.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Raw for Lent: Days 7-8

Day 7-- Tuesday
got up, got tired.

Food for day was mainly these two veg shakes I made, consisting of chard, celery, carrot, tomato, beet, lemon, parsley and Epic.  The epic didnt help the texture, but did help make the shakes filling.

I probably ate a full cup and a half of cashews, though.  I missed chewing. :)

Snack was a grapefruit and some pumpkin seed flax crackers from Go Raw.

Day 8 --

2nd to last insane day at school.  Made myself a strawberry, kale and double scoop epic protein for breakfast, then hit class.

For lunch, I grabbed a Naked red machine (yes, I know, technically pasteurized but I was dragging) and dumped some Raw Protein from my locker into it to tide me over.

On the way home, I hit Whole Paycheck and bought a bunch of produce and some pre-packaged stuff to make my life easier.

Got home, made some guacamole with cauliflower...a snack that never gets tired.  Realized I forgot to buy spinach so I can't make my dip :(.  Had some pickles too, then headed to Bulls for Pub Quiz, where we placed 2nd to a team full of people way smarter than us, so no shade.

At bulls, found out Whatever Brains were playing at Casbah, so me and Miss walked over there just in time for the WB set.  And it has been a minute since I've seen them, and now there are like...6 people in the band, including two keyboardists and they've gotten weirder and more atmospheric.  I likened it to Rah Bras and Chaz agreed with the comparison.  Anyway, they were really good.  The 25 minute set went by in a flash and when they said "this is our last song" my thought was "Already?"

The headlining act, Cusses, a female fronted band were meh.  I find myself constantly torn between wanting to support fellow female musicians and wanting to hold them to my own standards of musicianship.  This girl could sing and was in amazing shape...she was belting it out hopping up and down, but the songs were pedestrian to choad rock.  I was more impressed by front woman's lungs than anything occurring sonically or the pointless background videos.

In addition, I've been doing my SXSW due diligence, and am really really excited to see Saddle Creek's Icky Blossoms. Here is a ridiculously amazing (NSFW) video collage of pg-13 pornography set to their get-down groover "Cycle":

Plus, their self-produced video for the equally hypnotic "Perfect Vision" which is my new official laying-in-bed-contemplating-my-navel jam.

Now noshing a pear. Anyone with must-sees for SXSW 2013, please feel free to send them my way. I'm already planning to see perennial favorites Ash and Telekinesis!, and the un-missable Christeene. If possible, I'm also planning to see the adorable and (intentionally? unintentionally?) hilarious Kitty Pryde, but only if she plays a day show. Til next time!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Raw for Lent Days 4-6

Saturday, Day 4:
There's an apocryphal quote sometimes attributed to Einstein that says the definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting different results.  I'm here to tell you that is WRONG.  The definition of insanity is going raw for lent when you are a grad student with three part time jobs!

Saturday, after my blessed, blessed beauty rest, I woke up to snow!  That threw a real hink in visiting Jazz, so instead, I went to Whole Foods and stocked up on some packaged raw foods, came home and made a trough full of guacamole (2 avocados, 4 tomatoes, 1 c frozen peas, 1 onion, cilantro, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic).  This was portioned out for two other helpings, then the remainder went down with a head of cauliflower.

Then, I went to work. At a bar.  Womp.

I brought a Raw Revolution bar with me for a much-needed late snack, then finished up the chard salad when I got home.

Sunday, Day 5:
I had a banana and a handfull of almonds on the way out the door to my teaching gig, but made sure to pack some guac and celery for myself as well.  Turns out, it was a good move, since I went pretty much directly from teaching back to the bar for a 7 hour shift.

When I got home from the bar at midnight (having last eaten at around 4pm), I was ravenous.  I tore through "cheezy chipotle" kale chips and the rest of the guacamole, along with some strawberries and hail merry macaroons.

Yes, I am aware that I just consumed like, $20 of pre-packaged raw food/produce for a midnight snack.  Planning has not been my forte so far this lent.  I worked on my homework for about an hour until I passed out...

Day 6
...and woke up too late to make the AMAZING shake I'd planned for myself for breakfast.  Instead, I just took all the elements of said shake (almonds, banana, weirdly delicious but unseasonal strawberries) to school for my 2nd to last 13-hour Monday.

Got some good news on the job front from the company I interviewed with on Friday.  I'm weighing the offer against the other existing based on location, culture fit, internship project (if known) and compensation.  Still waiting to hear back from two others, so we will see!

I finally had a minute to run out during my hour and change break, so, once again I made the totally wallet-busting and got some grawnola.  Note to users: sweet and sour grawnola is grody.  Do not buy it.  On the downside, I can't find my formerly favorite Go Raw products anymore!  I was so in love with the cinnamon-y granola.

I finally made it through my strawberries, nuts and water, then got done at school.  I'm really exhausted now, but when you give up not only drinking, but eating regular food for lent, there's a special thing that happens in these first few weeks.  Yes, it's the crabby and the tired and the detoxing.  But there's this yen to be part of things even though you're crabby and tired.  So I called my friends but nobody was out.  Instead, i finished the rest of my sauer kraut, ate a mango and am updating you all.

I just got my laptop back as well, so I'll be attempting to update with more photos.  Be sure to follow the twitter (@glucklich) to track me more closely.  Although I am unlikely to become one of those people constantly tweeting pictures of my food, you will get updates on the crabbies! ;)

The plan for tomorrow involves making some delicious juice to sip on all day and try and help my body eliminate toxins and help boost up some of those organs so I get energized by this.  I'm also going to try and build some more Epic, Vega and Sunwarrior into lent this year.

Any advice for raw eating on the go for the planning challenged?  I feel like I may end up breaking my bank (and the point of eating raw) if I keep up with buying all this plastic wrapped raw food!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Raw for Lent: Day 2 + 3

I choked down some epic with definitely not a lot of water before class, and then tried to eat some cherry tomatoes, only to find a worm in the 3rd one I went to eat.  That'll kill yr appetitie.

For lunch, I tore through some chard salad, along with some kale chips, strawberries and a banana as I packed for this trip to ATL that terrified me.

I took some anti-anxiety meds and looped in the car. "So, happy valentine's day," my bestie, Miss Steve says, "I figured someone should say it to you."

Thanks dude.

At the airport drank an odwalla and a coconut water, then promptly conked out from the drugs and woke in Atlanta, where RW was waiting for me at the airport.  We hit up our mega-nice extended stay suites hotel first, then went to a restaurant called "The Brickery."

When I asked them about the ingredients in their house-made vinaigrettes, I was told one was a "clear base, with feta" (huh?) and the other one was "steak sauce base, sweet and sour real good."  So I went with olive oil and red wine vinegar for my trough of salad.  See equal packet in photo for reference.   On the upside, it was iceberg, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers and avocado, and super yummy.

AS a sidebar, I noticed all the AMAZING looking persian/med restaurants in the area, as well as drooled over the Soul Vegetarian menu.  Next time, ATL.

Woke up this morning and grabbed several bananas from the breakfast buffet, putting a few away immediately.  At the interview, they had a sweet melon/strawberry/grape/pineapple fruit salad.  At lunch, did the salad bar thing with a fairly boring iceberg/cuke/mushroom/tomato salad, again, but much smaller.  Also snuck some almonds in there.

Getting on the MARTA, I had the other bananas and a couple of almonds, then enjoyed being looped in the airport, had a high anxiety plane ride.

Now safe at home, noshing some chard salad and a grapefruit for dinner.  Considering a mango.  I definitely put too much garlic in the chard salad.

Working on a mix for my friend NP who drove me home from the airport tonight-- it's called Upcoming and Eyeopening, mostly bands playing around here soon as well as the gateway songs for some of my favorite bands.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Raw for lent: day 1

Greetings friends.  It's that time of year again!

I apologize for these first posts done on mobile instead of my trusty laptop which recently decided to fail me.

I had originally planned to attempt to fast for Ash Wednesday, but as 3:30 rolled around, I knew I wasn't going o make it, especially not exacerbated by a stock up trip to whole foods.

late lunch was cashews and strawberries.  I munched sauerkraut as  I threw together an emerald kale salad using green chard and put some dinosaur kale I. The dehydrator.  That salad, along with some walnuts, became dinner.

I'm currently a business school student which means I am crazy busy and am concern about making enough time to prep my meals this year.

Official song for Ash Wednesday: Ash - Binary.  Remind me to tell you about the time Pink Flag plaed with Ash at the local 506.


I found a pretty sweet "cheesecake" recipe that I will probably try to do this weekend. In the meantime...I gotta figure how I am going to survive an airplane trip.  I'm not much of a flyer.

Wish me luck!