Friday, December 12, 2008


I had a pot luck at work a few weeks ago and needed to provide something I could make in the 20 minutes before work with ingredients I had on hand. Good thing I've turned into a super jew.

Charoset is a traditional passover "symbol" that goes on that plate in the middle (okay so I'm not that good of a jew) and represents the sweet times. Eastern European jews like my dad's fam make it with apples. If you're ghetto like me, anything will do.

Glucklich Yummy Charoset
3-4 Apples (whatever's around...I prefer honeycrisps, but had a few braeburns and a granny smith too)
1-2 pears
1 cup walnuts
handful of raisins
dash cinnamon
splash of maneschewitz concord grape wine (but grape juice or any red wine will work if you add a little syrup)

Finely chop walnuts, apples and pears. Mix cinnamon and wine, if possible. Toss in a bowl with raisins and wine mix. Serve with either main course or dessert. Makes an excellent snack too. Will keep in your fridge for about 4 days.

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Kelly said...

A co-worker of mine brought this in a couple of years ago. It looks absolutely yummy. :-)