Saturday, February 25, 2012

Raw for Lent: Day 4

I got up this morning to teach exhausted because I've got a cough that has been keeping me up all night. DAMN YOU, NO TEA! During lunch break, I stopped by Whole Foods. Totally forgot about all my raw bars! There are some new versions, called Totally Nuts. They sound good, were doing free samples. Chose not to buy today instead got salad bar and a The Raw Bakery oatmeal-apple cookie. Also picked up some raw organic bars (totally forgot about them!).

I scarfed one of those right before work, then wasted the rest of my day slingin' seafood and am now home, at 11:00, in bed, watching some RuPaul Drag Race and eating kim chi. And if it isn't just what I want to do before I drift off....

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