Friday, February 24, 2012

Raw for Lent: Day 2!

Hey All!

So today was Day 2, and I woke up energized. First item on the list today was to head to the barn and see if my man, Jazz, was still in high spirits. And by in high spirits, I mean, ready to behave. He was...sort of. But we recently took his back shoes off to see if he could live without them and today baby had sore little feet. We also did our first one strider together, but he got a little riled up. We made it around a whole course, then he got a bath and some banamine and bute and his feet painted.

And do you know what fueled this big horsey adventure? GRAPES. Man, red grapes are so delicious. Here is my grape dilemma though, blogosphere: how do you get them clean? Have you ever noticed that even if you wash them, grapes have a little film of dirt on them that only comes off on your fingers or tongue? I can't wait for muscadine season, regardless. But just sayin, if you have a grape cleaning method, please share. I have like, 3 pounds.

After the barn I came home and whipped up my infamous/beloved Emerald Kale salad. This year I decided to add some thin diced habaneros in place of the dry cayenne and whooee it was spicy but good.

I headed to Carrboro's All Day Records to play a rock and roll show as LAM! LAM! with Boykiller! We did some lady collaboration stuff; they backup danced and I played guitar on two of their songs. This will likely happen another time but it is still crazy sad that not everyone in the universe got to see it. They will also likely help me with the LAM! LAM! fitness videos.

For those unlucky souls, this is how awesome Boykiller is:

So now I am home in beddy bye, having some more grapes, some raw cashews and a little kimchi, just cuz I'm apparently a pregnant lady who needs pickles at least once a day. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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