Sunday, February 26, 2012

Raw for Lent: Day 5!

So this morning I attempted to get up for yoga...but the bronchitis is keeping me up at night and leaves me feeling lazy and less than excited about standing in a veritable incubator, so I will start the yoga back up tomorrow morning. Pinky sworn.

Instead, I ventured to Ninth Street to check out Full Lotus, the new raw juice bar and cafe. At first the owner didn't totally understand...juice, yes please, but also ANYTHING THAT IS NOT WHAT I EAT EVERY DAY. I ended up getting a Green RX juice (cucumber, celery, parsley, kale, spinach, lemon, lime, ginger and green apple...maybe other stuff too!) which was really tasty as well as picking up some of Clarissa's Kale Chips and getting a salad with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, goji berries, pepitas, sesame seeds, I think there were some sunflower seeds, bean sprouts, raisins and topped off with an ACV cayenne evoo dressing. It was tasty and kept me filledup...until about now when I went to Whole Foods Durham.
I hate to rant against my local Whole Foods, especially when I know the manager and a lot of people who work there and that they don't have as much space as Chapel Hill but MAN SERIOUSLY. I feel like the produce section is literally half the size. I know that it isn't, but it feels that way. I like the reorganization with more bulk, but now I have to wait until I'm in CH on Wednesday to score Macadamia nuts. What a pain. They do, like always, have some little gems you can't get at CH but at the moment, CH has a way better raw section so I think I'll be sticking to shopping there for a hot minute. Not that I really need to drop $13 on "chips" or whatever. With the amount of money I spend on crawkers and kale chips, it'd probably be worthwhile to just bite the bullet and buy a dehydrator.

In any case, I whipped up some fresh quacamole to eat with the Full Lotus chips and will be saving some for tomorrow when I make my first attempt at "walnut taco meat"...although the lettuce selection was also fairly dire and so will be eaten with celery sticks and romaine hearts.

So anyway, had some of Clarissa's Kale Chips, investigated the dehydrator (you can get one for 50 bucks, might be worthwhile) and then headed out to watch the Oscars with my friend Mississippi. Total fart fest, dominated by the Artist. Womp womp. Only upside? The return of hippie juice! (AKA, ACV and water at a bar)

Am home now, having some grapes, an avocado and half a grapefruit that looks like it's going to remain here until tomorrow morning when I will (hopefully) actually get up and go to the yoga. If not, I still have til tomorrow night for a class :)

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Shiva Steve Ordog said...

Thanks for writing about this juice bar. Wanted to know something about them. The drink you had sounded like my every morning "mean green" smoothie.