Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raw For Lent: Day 15

So this is pretty much 1/3!

I started the day off with an avocado and trying to take care of as much pre-tour prep as possible...getting my car checked out, getting my tires rotated (THEY ARE BALD WAH!)

At home, made a juice to carry for the day-- two grapefruits, some grapes and then chia gel, unspun, mixed in, for the nice seedy texture. I also set up some kale chips going in the new dehydrator, and they are done and they RULE. Well, they should be saltier/oilier but the pockets of salt and oil are pretty good. Any suggestions for good kale chip recipes would be appreciated.

We came in second at quiz, and nothing to report otherwise. Happy Wednesday, all!

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