Friday, March 9, 2012

Raw for Lent: Day 16-17

Thurs, Day 16

Barn day means FUN! I got up early and snarfed an avocado while Sean and I did the pre-lim on my car before the big trip, then ate half an apple on the way to the barn with Cat and gave Jazz the other half. He was a pretty fresh boy; bucking a little, crow hoppy. We only were able to get over two jumps, so we tried trotting, then tried cantering, trot, canter.

When I got home, I whirred up a fake V8 juice:
2 slicing tomatoes
4 stalks celery
1 romaine heart
juice of 2 limes

and drank it at work. After work, I picked up some more kale, zucchini, banans and a kombucha as a treat for myself. I ended up snacking on a banana and putting chips, kale and zucchini to bake.

Friday, Day 16:

Got up and hit the gym first thing, then got new back tires for the car. When I came home, I set the rest of the zucchini chips to go, unloaded the kales. This time I did a nooch and EVOO kale chip with lacinado (the dinosaur) kale...holy crap the nutritional yeast plus the lacinado so MUCH better. It's easier to get this kind of kale covered, and it lays flat in the dehydrator.

Anyway, snacked on the nooch kale chips on the way to raleigh to buy screening supplies, then came home, cleaned out the car and then went to work.

I also solidified the SXPW showcase today! Woohoo!

Worked super late, and tonights snack was the zucchini chips. I read somewhere that you only need to leave them in for 2 hours, but mine were like 10, and they were pretty much perfect, so be warned. Kale chippiers are liars! :0

Anyway, I have an early day and am exhausted, so off to beddy bye for this guy!

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