Sunday, March 3, 2013

Raw for lent: days 18-19

Saturday, Day 18:

Accomplished very little.  Foodwise, was mango, cantaloupe, kale chips, some cashews.  I didn't realize how little I ate yesterday until just now, but I spent a lot of time writing a stupid paper.

Sunday, Day 19:

A pear and a few dates for breakfast at work, then came home and made the protein/banana/cacao/raspbery shake action.  My mom came into town and took me on a whole foods shopping spree which essentially ended in me buying a bunch of sweets!

Dinner was guacamole with romaine made into tiny delicious burritos and a dessert of a couple of macaroons.  Had band practice, watched trading spaces.  Got a big day tomorrow and then maybe on Tuesday a trip to the Charlotte Ikea!  My mom was like "Charlotte!  They have a Neiman Marcus!"  And I am like, of course my mom knows the location of every Neiman Marcus in America.  But hey, it could be fun seeing the Queen City again.  I heard they've got a pretty sweet raw foods spot out there.

This lent has been pretty uneventful compared to previous lents that have always included a sweet March tour.  I'm a little bummed that no tour has happened, but SxSW is still coming!  So in honor of its glory, I've made mixtapes of Icky Blossoms, Christeene, Cloud Nothings and Ash.  Yes, I know not to expect Cloud Nothings.

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