Thursday, March 21, 2013

Raw for Lent: Days 25-27:

Saturday Day 25:
Woke up and snarfed the Ying Yang cookies from Luna's...I prefer the Hail Merry ones because they are smaller and more consistent, but they're similarly delicious.

While doing work around the house, I had a pear, a banana and some sauer kraut.

At work, watching the Duke UNC game, we snacked on snap peas.

Late night was a grapefruit and some cashews.  It was, overall, uneventful.

Sunday Day 26:
Had a pear on the way to work, then hit work hard!  On the way home I managed to drop some dollars at whole foods (whatever, things were on sale) and cut up a cauliflower and made some guacamole to eat with it.

Had a very productive band practice (Come see us on Saturday the 16th at Bull McCabes Moustache Contest!), then met the new roomie, who seems cool enough.  Went out with this kid NN who, for all intents and purposes is CB's deepest competition because he is a regular person who is quiet and maybe too nice or too concerned with being nice, but I like him and swear that if I hadn't had this recent crazy magnetizing experience I'd probably have done something shameful.  But, hooray sobriety.

We had dinner at Dos Perros and knowing everyone who serves there is amazing.  Also, I really want to go back when I can eat something besides a salad with guacamole again because the new vegan dishes look bangin.  NN and I wandered the bars a bit.  I took a gamble, taking him to the Fed, but I knew in my heart I had nothing to worry about.  The evening was very nice with the exception of the small slip of taking a piece of gum, just didn't occur to me that I shouldn't until all that sweet sweet xylitol hit my tongue...

Got home and finished my cauliflower and had a Hail Merry tart for dessert.

Monday Day 27:
Made 2 batches of mega green smoothie:

Batch 1:
Head lettuce
half pepper
Lemon juice

Batch 2:
Head Lettuce
half pepper
Lemon Juice

and also housed another hail merry.  I slept super late-- almost til 12 today with all the blinds open.  Put together my bookshelf, getting kale chips going.  Trying to figure out what I'm bringing to SXSW and am being encouraged to bring only a backpack but god, that seems like not enough things, particularly when you take into account food and toiletries.

Handful of cashews late in the day for a boost as I continue to house Green smoothie (ounces upon ounces!), as well as some sauer kraut and guac with flax crackers.

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