Saturday, October 18, 2008

German Chocolate Cupcakes

Well, when I found out it was my friend Joe's birthday and we were invited to play a show with him, I immediately volunteered to make (secretly vegan) cupcakes! Not that I think Joe or his TOTALLY AWESOME BAND, (Hammer No More the Fingers, check them out, they rock) or any 20 something year old boys are particularly picky in the eating category, but I like the opportunity to wow people with yummers cupcakes.

In order to make them, I used the Super Rich Chocolate Cake from the PPK (links to the recipe) as well as the Pecan Coconut Fudge and Chocolate Buttercream recipes from VCCTOTW. I made a few tweaks-- like I decided to sub chocolate soy milk for all the regular old soy milk, and I used about three shots of bourbon instead of vanilla (we like to drink).

The cupcakes came out BEAUTIFULLY. Dork described them as "orgasmic," Wessie said they were like "chocolate crack," and Sick gave a nod while dropping bits of icing into her mouth. Joe really enjoyed them (observe bite number two at right-- prepping yourself for chocolate overdose) and was helping me force people to try them so they would not die without knowing the joy that is Vegan German Chocolate heaven. There's a photo at left of them chilling on the floor. Just as a note-- the Cake recipe only made enough to fill 22 cups, and the coconut/pecan icing was sufficient, while the fudge didn't quite make it all the way through.

Can't wait to bust these out again! Isa's cupcakes never fail.


Jeni Treehugger said...

They were a winner then - lol!

Lina Kirkwood said...

Wow, those look amazing. That's my dad's favorite cake to request for his birthday, so I'll have to make them for him.

We've been hiding tofu in his lasagna (as "ricotta") for years, so this is my favorite thing to do to him.

Mmmmm baked delicious.

twotwotwo said...

Tofu Ricotta is my FAV italian tofu useage!