Friday, October 24, 2008

It's not mine to share

But I love Huggy Bear so much I feel obligated to share it with you. Someone kindly deigned to put the whole HB Catalogue online, including the rarer singles. I swooned.

Huggy Bear were part of the british riot grrl movement, but were not all girl, were intensely private, punk, DIY and totally awesome. (Huggy Bear tidbit...when being courted by major labels, they agreed to accept an offer from BMG--if and only if they would drop Suede from their roster). Huggy Bear were snotty, childish and savant. Their songs about teenage insecurities somehow morphed into anti-capitalist rants, their songs about freedom and control somehow twisted into sexual manifestos. Their work was always spotty and certainly inconsistent, but when it shone, it was dazzling.

Their two full lengths, Weaponry Listens to Love and Taking the Rough with the Smooch, are probably the most “accessible.” If you have any remote fondness for art rock, riot grrl, noise rock or punk, don't ask questions, just download.

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