Sunday, October 19, 2008


So, for the 2nd weekend in a row I hit Sage in Chapel Hill. And forgot to take pictures. But, let me tell you something. Sage is effing delicious.

Let me help you order.

The first couple of times, we got the Mezze platter, which is good, but really you should go for the hummus. Mezze platter wastes precious space on things like potato salad. The hummus plate is hardcore yummy. Not really thick, very lemony and pita wedges are garlicky and toasted and delicious. There are fresh cucumber sticks to dip with too.

The regular salad is absolutely delicious--lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, shredded carrot, cabbage...something else. I love the vegan dill dressing. My mom ordered a crunchy salad which looked really good, piled high with sprouts and crunchy stuff.

Entrees-- I almost always get the kebabs now. They roast peppers, onions, broccoli, tofu and portobello mushrooms with balsamic and something else delicious and serve it over wonderful basmati spiced rice with a size of what we jews call "israeli salad" and they call it something else.

The Sabzi is a spinach and parsley soup interspersed with tempeh, tofu, kidney beans or lentils and infused with dried lemon. It's really really tasty. Bud-M-Joon is a curried lentil and eggplant concoction that tastes vaguely indian and strongly of cinnamon. It's tasty. The last entree we shared was the Fesen Joon, which is tempeh in a sweet sticky thick sauce that is sort of like persian sweet and sour sauce. It's tastier than you'd think, but I'd recommend sharing it because it's hard to eat as a whole meal.

I also favor the carribe, which is basically cuban black beans a rice served with tofu, rice, avocado and plantain.

For dessert, they serve really good chocolate banana vegan cake (it's the only vegan option though) with a lovely vegan vanilla ice cream. Either way, I'd recommend trying Sage out. Since Soul Good closed, it is the last all-vegetarian restaurant this side of the Triangle (the indian places in Cary and Morrisville deserve a shoutout, though) and it's a tasty treat for a once-in-a-while special occasion.