Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mardi Gras, a last Hurrah!

My mardi gras RULED, and what a fucking last hurrah.

We had lunch at Elaine's (a pan-asian restaurant) in Great Neck, where I got a veggie maki bento box. Dork and Sick got boxes too. My box came with miso soup as well and looked so cute!

Went around corner to kensington deli to get pickles for raw days and deliciousness.

My mom took us to NYC so we could pick up dinner before our LI show-- we got vegan treats at atlas (a slice of strawberry shortcake and a coconut doughnut for me, coconut cupcake for dork), headed downtown to Soho and nolita so Sick could sample the wares of Ray's Pizza as well as check out the DASH store (where there was a line!) and which is coincidentally directly next door to the Opera Gallery, which has been my fav modern art dealer since HS. Not that I have themeans to buy modern art.

Spider web roll and house roll from Soy and Sake, ate home then headed out to Mr. Beery's on LI for a rock and roll throwdown with Let Me Crazy (just put out a BALLER new record) and Playing Dead (who get better every time I hear them) who we have played with in NC.

Drank Rastafar-rye and Pyrat rum, switched to Bud around karaoke, sloshy, spilly time. Good friends.

Came home, had vegan strawberry shortcake and a lemon snapple. Life is good. Rawness starts today, and I am woefully unprepared.

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