Monday, March 14, 2011

Raw For Lent: Days 3-5

Day 3:

So Friday was actually an amazing day for me; I scarfed a banana then the whole band headed to my favorite museum (possibly in the world, now that they redid it) the MoMA, for an exhibit devoted EXCLUSIVELY to Picasso and guitars. After the museum, we stopped at Caravan of Dreams to pick up some vegan eats and live eats for me.
I ordered the live pizza and the nori salad sandwich, got a hot soup for my dad, as well as an avocado caesar and roasted veggies for my mom. Dork ordered a veggie burger and a salad. So, for those of you who followed my adventures last year, you may remember two things: 1 - I was hardcore craving bread by the time I got to NYC in 2010 and 2 - I got crazy fucking food poisoning at Pure food and wine. For those of you who have followed me longer, you'll know 2010 wasn't the first time I got food poisoning at Pure. This year,after eating this amazing pizza I literally said out loud, in the car with my mom "FUCK Pure food!" The pizza was amazing-- dehydrated chia crust, cherry tomato/garlic tomato sauce, pesto and cashew cream topped with cherry tomatoes, arugula, olives, sprouts and avocado. SO delicious that I'm considering getting a dehydrator. So my review: Caravan of Dreams. No other raw joint I've visited yet (except The Raw Choice lifestyle center, RIP!) has been worth your raw dollars. Also had a coconut mango pie that was just to die for.

Speaking of arugula, before the raw set in, my dadtotally bought us a box of rugulah, the jewish pastry treat. I kept offering it to Sick who was like "uh, no I'm cool" thinking I meant the spicy green, not the tasty cookie. Apparently they go quick. I hope my dad puts the rest in the freezer for when I am next home.

We played a good show in Brooklyn, then came home and had an evening snack (an avocado for me, a plate of chinese food for Dork).

Day 4:
Before Philly I had the nori sandwich, which was not quite as delicious as the pizza, but the chia onion bread totally made up for any topping shortcomings. My mom, as a going-away-good-luck present cut me up what I can only presume was an entire HEAD of iceberg lettuce, along with some radishes, cukes, string beans, broccoli and grape tomatoes and put it into a big freezer bag. You will laugh, but I carted that shit all over Philadelphia. I put it in the crisper of three separate punk houses. I snacked on it before load in. I snacked on it for breakfast. Aside from that sandwich, it was pretty much all I ate, and I'm cool with that.

Day 5:
I spent most of the day grazing on th rest of the salad my mom made for me. We stopped in DC (which was torture, since it was Asylum's vegan brunch!) and went to an asian restaurant where I got a salad (boring!) and drank water while we visited my awesome friend Chrissy. She just moved to a sweet apartment that's like, a 2 minute walk from the main drag of Adams Morgan and is apparently trying every ethiopian restaurant on the street so that when I come back after lent, we can get the very best. Hooray!

We rolled into dirty Durham at around 11:00, unloaded, dropped by my work so I could pick up a schedule (and found out that of course, I'm working St. Patty's Day) then came home where dork and I ate the only thing we each had in the fridge: KIMCHI! I just topped it off with a handful of almonds and am just about ready to go to sleep.

Sorry that this blog has been so foodcentric at first; most of the day-to-day ramblings are covered (or will be) in the band blog over at :)

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