Thursday, March 10, 2011

Raw For Lent: Days 1 & 2


Did I say woefully unprepared? I meant fucking seriously totally not prepared at all in any way shape or form. Last year, I was raw for about a month before tour, so used to it. This time, I was faced with the temptations of a vegan friendly city, life on the road and tiredness.

For breakfast I had some half sour pickles and a grapple (it's a genetically manipulated apple that tastes like a grape), which was disappointing because I was expecting it to be a braeburn or something. We arrived in Providence and AS220's menu looked SOOOOOO good, but I was good and got a kale salad, eating around the roasted squash. It gave me a great idea though-- pickles in salads. Also, pickled carrots. YUM. (This picture taken after decimating most of the kale).

Later that night I caved when a group of guys who had driven 2 hours to our show sent us a round of drinks, so I got a wine, which really now, is pickled grape juice. Even so, I'm trying to be better and calling it my tour adjustment setback. Plus, anyone who knows me knows that ordering wine is like being caught picking my nosefor me.
Anyway, the next morning, our hostess, Justine, from Math the Band, made hashbrowns for the girls and provided me with a lovely, sweet pink grapefruit as well as bananas if I wanted them, which was awesome. We drove back and discussed going to manhattan (Caravan of Dreams or Angelica's raw entrees are calling my name) but with the rain, the girls ended up getting pizza and I made myself a very very pretty salad of romaine, cukes, pickles, radish, tomato, avocado and vinegar, along with a handful of raw almonds. We are now getting ready to rent a movie and head to the city tomorrow, so wish me luck on this journey! :)


matt said...

Sorry for getting you off track with the drinks! Now at least I know for next time. Haha.

twotwotwo said...

No worries matt...I am supposed to be stubborn.