Thursday, February 21, 2013

Raw for Lent: Days 7-8

Day 7-- Tuesday
got up, got tired.

Food for day was mainly these two veg shakes I made, consisting of chard, celery, carrot, tomato, beet, lemon, parsley and Epic.  The epic didnt help the texture, but did help make the shakes filling.

I probably ate a full cup and a half of cashews, though.  I missed chewing. :)

Snack was a grapefruit and some pumpkin seed flax crackers from Go Raw.

Day 8 --

2nd to last insane day at school.  Made myself a strawberry, kale and double scoop epic protein for breakfast, then hit class.

For lunch, I grabbed a Naked red machine (yes, I know, technically pasteurized but I was dragging) and dumped some Raw Protein from my locker into it to tide me over.

On the way home, I hit Whole Paycheck and bought a bunch of produce and some pre-packaged stuff to make my life easier.

Got home, made some guacamole with cauliflower...a snack that never gets tired.  Realized I forgot to buy spinach so I can't make my dip :(.  Had some pickles too, then headed to Bulls for Pub Quiz, where we placed 2nd to a team full of people way smarter than us, so no shade.

At bulls, found out Whatever Brains were playing at Casbah, so me and Miss walked over there just in time for the WB set.  And it has been a minute since I've seen them, and now there are like...6 people in the band, including two keyboardists and they've gotten weirder and more atmospheric.  I likened it to Rah Bras and Chaz agreed with the comparison.  Anyway, they were really good.  The 25 minute set went by in a flash and when they said "this is our last song" my thought was "Already?"

The headlining act, Cusses, a female fronted band were meh.  I find myself constantly torn between wanting to support fellow female musicians and wanting to hold them to my own standards of musicianship.  This girl could sing and was in amazing shape...she was belting it out hopping up and down, but the songs were pedestrian to choad rock.  I was more impressed by front woman's lungs than anything occurring sonically or the pointless background videos.

In addition, I've been doing my SXSW due diligence, and am really really excited to see Saddle Creek's Icky Blossoms. Here is a ridiculously amazing (NSFW) video collage of pg-13 pornography set to their get-down groover "Cycle":

Plus, their self-produced video for the equally hypnotic "Perfect Vision" which is my new official laying-in-bed-contemplating-my-navel jam.

Now noshing a pear. Anyone with must-sees for SXSW 2013, please feel free to send them my way. I'm already planning to see perennial favorites Ash and Telekinesis!, and the un-missable Christeene. If possible, I'm also planning to see the adorable and (intentionally? unintentionally?) hilarious Kitty Pryde, but only if she plays a day show. Til next time!

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