Saturday, February 16, 2013

Raw for Lent: Day 2 + 3

I choked down some epic with definitely not a lot of water before class, and then tried to eat some cherry tomatoes, only to find a worm in the 3rd one I went to eat.  That'll kill yr appetitie.

For lunch, I tore through some chard salad, along with some kale chips, strawberries and a banana as I packed for this trip to ATL that terrified me.

I took some anti-anxiety meds and looped in the car. "So, happy valentine's day," my bestie, Miss Steve says, "I figured someone should say it to you."

Thanks dude.

At the airport drank an odwalla and a coconut water, then promptly conked out from the drugs and woke in Atlanta, where RW was waiting for me at the airport.  We hit up our mega-nice extended stay suites hotel first, then went to a restaurant called "The Brickery."

When I asked them about the ingredients in their house-made vinaigrettes, I was told one was a "clear base, with feta" (huh?) and the other one was "steak sauce base, sweet and sour real good."  So I went with olive oil and red wine vinegar for my trough of salad.  See equal packet in photo for reference.   On the upside, it was iceberg, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers and avocado, and super yummy.

AS a sidebar, I noticed all the AMAZING looking persian/med restaurants in the area, as well as drooled over the Soul Vegetarian menu.  Next time, ATL.

Woke up this morning and grabbed several bananas from the breakfast buffet, putting a few away immediately.  At the interview, they had a sweet melon/strawberry/grape/pineapple fruit salad.  At lunch, did the salad bar thing with a fairly boring iceberg/cuke/mushroom/tomato salad, again, but much smaller.  Also snuck some almonds in there.

Getting on the MARTA, I had the other bananas and a couple of almonds, then enjoyed being looped in the airport, had a high anxiety plane ride.

Now safe at home, noshing some chard salad and a grapefruit for dinner.  Considering a mango.  I definitely put too much garlic in the chard salad.

Working on a mix for my friend NP who drove me home from the airport tonight-- it's called Upcoming and Eyeopening, mostly bands playing around here soon as well as the gateway songs for some of my favorite bands.

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