Friday, April 15, 2011

Raw for Lent: Day 37

Got up this morning and had a coconut water before heading to the gym. I came back, nursed my sunburn wounds, applied sunscreen, then had some pineapple and went to the barn. I took out a new dude named Koko who had been previously lamed but is now back in commission as of my riding him. He's super friendly. Also took out my white pony boy Poncho.

When I got home, I had like 3 minutes to shower and get prepped for the raw food potluck in carrboro. So I showered, then sliced up more carrots and celery to go with the pate.

At the potluck, there was all kinds of good stuff. One of the guys makes sauer kraut, which was crazy delicious (so much better than out of a jar). One couple brought a spinach, mushroom, onion and seed salad and another pair brought an avocado, cherry tomato and onion salad, which worked really well as a dressing for the spinach salad. Everyone was really nice and we all hung out. They had an aerial silk thing, but my legs were so shot from all the activity that I declined to try. Also, not graceful, at all.

So now I'm home, sorting through old clothes and planning lessons for tomorrow morning. This weekend is gonna be ROUGH but it's the last one before Easter, woot woot!


Crap, skipped a day on the meme.

day 14 - a song that no one would expect you to love

I think this song is terribly sweet and awfully romantic. Even though, I know, it really isn't.

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